Falcon Trading Academy


Every individual has the potential to create change, whether in their life, their community, or the world. The transformative power of education is what unlocks that potential. Yet, access to high-quality education has been a privilege of the few. We realized that it is time for a seismic shift in learning. From the tried and true to the leading edge. From “for some” to “for all.” Falcon Trading Academy empowers thousands of learners to unlock their potential and become a successful trader.

We assist Falcon Trading Academy members who have been consistent in their trading performance and are ready for funding to get funded accounts. We assist in obtaining funding accounts ranging from $50,000 to $600,000 from various proprietary trading companies in order for them to become profit achievers.

At Falcon Trading Academy, our goal is to help traders at all levels increase their confidence, their understanding of the market and their ability to trade profitably. We have built an exclusive program that we hope will reach the maximum number of traders and provide them with the best scholastic material. We value feedback and insights from our members and will continue to update and improve our program in an effort to provide the best.